The parts listed in the following components covered tables are those example parts that are covered in a plan that you select. Select any category below to view the covered components for that particular category. To view all the covered components for every category please click here to access a printable pdf. If you have any questions regarding these plans and what may or may not be covered you can contact us at 888-860-3662 or email us at

Click a category below to view Covered Components:

AC & Heating Platinum Powertrain
Air Conditioning Lines & Tubes  
Air Conditioning Pressure Tubes  

Air Temperature Control Programmer

Blower Motor  
Blower Motor Resistor  
Compressor Clutch Assembly  
Compressor Pulley  
Condenser Fan and Motor  
Cooler Control Switch  
Cooler Unit  
Damper Servo  
Defroster Control Cable  
Evaporator Temperature Sensor  
Expansion Valve  
Heater Control Head  
Heater Control Valve  
Heater Core  
Idler Pulley  
Pressure Regulator Assembley  
Schrader Valve  
Seals and Gaskets